Photosonix NP100 Brainmachine met LED bril

Budget Intense LED brillen van Mind Explorer

Voor Photosonix en Mind Gear met CG polarity

The warmer colors (red, yellow and orange) are stimulating (excitatory),
whereas the cooler colors (green and blue) are calming (inhibitory).
Blue color is a good example, as it has been observed to be very effective in quickly inducing sleep in most people.
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Mind Explorer Lightframes in all colors

Users of light & sound systems often prefer white color glasses for its ability to generate incredible visuals with fantastic colors and complex patterns.
Any color of light will provide the benefits of light & sound stimulation.
However, specific colors will help you to get there more quickly and deeply.
Here is a generic model to follow when considering which color of glasses to use:
for delta (sleep / clearing) use blue
for theta (meditation / visualization) use green
for alpha (learning / relaxation) use yellow
for beta (focus / energy) use orange or red.

Superbright Lightframes

SuperBright LightFrames operate in conventional "left/right" mode.
They have 4 intens LED's of only one color.

SuperBright MultiMode LightFrames

SuperBright MultiMode LightFrames include two switches.
(= super-bright multi-mode dual-color stimulation glasses)
The first switch allows the glasses to operate in two modes - the conventional "Left/Right" mode and "Independent Colors" control mode. The second switch allows to activate just one of two colors or both colors together.
SuperBright MultiMode LightFrames expand capabilities and benefits of any light & sound system they are used with. One model of these stimulation glasses can replace several models of ordinary glasses.

Uni-Stim Hemispherische Stimulatie

Uni-Stim Lightframes can work in two modes selectable by switch.
Switch mode selector position H = Hemisphere Independant mode.
Switch mode selector position E = Eye Independant mode.

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